AMP Goals-based advice experience

UX & UI | Data visualisation

One of Australia’s largest financial institutions revamped their strategy for providing financial advice, with a series of corresponding tools across different channels to bring this offering to advisers and customers alike. This experience took a goals-based approach, that allows customers to select, define and prioritise their financial goals, to then discuss and plan the actions they need to take in order to achieve them.
As part of their extensive growth transformation program, we worked in cross-functional streams as designers imbedded in the client’s business to deliver these tools alongside their in-house product teams and other external vendors. This required me to tie together separate products on interactive store surfaces, desktop, mobile and print, to embody a consistent but distinct style and convey the same data in a meaningful manner.

The AMP Advice Explore won Gold the 2018 Good Design Awards for Best Digital Interface

Hope is on the horizon

Time and money are highly abstract concepts, so the value of financial advice comes in helping individuals to set up a concrete plan.

The horizon line as a far but visible direction served as an extended metaphor for the whole experience. We used associative imagery as backdrops to customer-facing exploration, and this visceral layer has received positive feedback in relation to the calmness instilled by the visuals.

Embedded into every product stream

To make tangible the customer’s current position in their life, at least in financial terms, a number of metrics were set up to measure data captured at different touch points in the journey. By creating a holistic view of the customer’s lifestyle, ambitions and personal confidence, the adviser can personalise their investment approach to suit each individual. I worked across seven inter-connected products over a span of twelve months, and moved back and forth amongst them throughout the year.

We engaged with end users as well as stakeholders on a frequent basis to co-design and test the products with both customers and advisers. Workshops were set up to understand people’s mental models, what drives their behaviour and what their expectations are for the business and different technologies. We captured requirements and validated assumptions with the users, from resonance testing visual concepts to determine the creative direction of a new immersive experience, to guerrilla AB testing of micro-interactions. Findings from different product streams were shared, not only in relation to the UX, art direction and interface design, but the conceptual models with which advice was pitched and explained to the customer.

AMP Financial Services

Deloitte Digital Australia
Anton Delen
UX design lead

Craig Parkinson
Art director

Tabitha Chan
Creative design lead (Goals Explorer)

Aylene Kozloff
Creative design lead (Digital Advise Summary)

Bryan Mew
UX designer