Post to self

Product design | UX & UI

Concept for an app that caters to the needs of self-guided travellers. As a detailed planner myself, I found that I often use multiple tools and services in the process of planning my vacations, and none offered the exact functionality I needed. This project was conceptualised to meet those needs.

Metaphoric stamp

Using the visual metaphor of a stamp collection, the app visualises holiday plans  the user prepared for themselves as postcards to themselves from their past or future. Using flag colours from the country visited, the different destinations are illustrated as offset silhouettes of the city or country visited. 

A key offering of such a tool includes the ability to plan multiple trips, and the ability to group multiple cities into a single holiday. So whether you’re in Bratislava for a day or Europe for a month, the user can chunk up their plans at a trip or destination level.

Self-initiated project