Character design | Cinematography

Interpreting the electronic soundtrack with an ethereal metaphor for the songwriter’s internal struggle, the video revovles around the battle of two ‘fairies’ who dance with fluid movements that to the rhythm of the music, interspersed with the songwriter’s solitary wandering through a dense forest.
The dance sequence was filmed in black light, and dancers painted with black and UV paint. The narrative and musician’s scenes were filmed in daylight and colour graded in post-production to match the otherworldly nature of the abstract dance choreography and untimately, the sound of the Luna album.

Slinky as a metaphor

As spoken in the lyrics of the song, the push and pull of the narrator’s conflicting emotions is visualised through the idea of ‘slinky’ being the interaction between two opposing forces. White stripes in the fairies’ character design creates this visual allusion, which is further emphased through the freestyle movements of the dancers.

Experimental production

Produced as amatuers with no budget other than our own out-of-pocket expenses, as lot of trial and error went into both the pre- and post-production process. Rapid prototyping of custumes and sets combined with DIY equipment made for an environment where the ‘fail fast’ philosophy was fully embraced. 

Luna bpm, featuring Mary Cowell

Ada Chen
Concept, direction & editting

Amy Pham
Choreography & dance performance

Michelle Chiang
Dance performance