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Space Australia was founded in the same year Australia officially opened the Australian Space Agency. The perfect accompaniment to the birth of the country’s space industry, this online community brings space enthusiatists, professionals and amateaurs alike, into a place of  knowledge sharing, collaboration and discussion. I joined the team to design the brand as well as the creative direction for the platform.
The brandmark iterated through many symbols from the space industry. As we narrowed down options for the final logotype, the vector symbol stood the strongest, lending its form to stacking the two ‘A’s in the brand name. This also allowed a shortening of the name, with SpaceAus being a more casual reference to the brand, so that there is both a full version that extends horizontally, and one that sits more snuggly in a square shape.

Early visions

Initial concepts for the website used different colour, type, imagery and layout combinations. I explored a default dark mode with coloured interaction states, looked into mono-spaced typography and trialled contrasting colour blocks.

The final countdown

Ultimately the more dynamic layouts didn’t resonate with the core audience of space industry professionals and accademics as the more straight-forward options that were eaiser to scan read through detailed content. So we simplified the templates and selected a mid blue brand colour that also acts as the interaction colour.
Exploratory interactions for immersive experiences are kept in the backlog, for campaign-style community education pieces in the future, which would be targeting general readers and enthusiastis.

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