A designer is a wayfarer in the winds of creation. At times the observer, other times the enabler, my journey across disciplines are guided by two often repeated questions —

Why are things the way they are?
How might things be better?

Perth Airport Marketplace

Coming soon - an airport experience e-commerce website for travellers to explore, buy and pick up duty free  products, as well as experiencing the Aspire Lounge.

2degrees NZ website

Mobilising an enterprise effort to elevate a uniquely kiwi telco company, starting with their website

The North Face e-commerce site

Refreshing the brand’s online presence in Australia as they migrate onto a new e-commerce platform

Space Australia

Creating an identity and platform for Australia’s space community, as the nation’s very own space industry starts to take off

DuluxGroup leadership conference immersion room

Blending physical and digital artefacts to illustrate the future customer experience enabled by new technologies, and the strategic initiatives that will enable the transformation

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AMP Goals-based advice experience

Enabling financial advisers and their customers to explore, plan and track financial goals in an omni-channel experience

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icare self service tools and design system

Setting up a government agency to create digital tools that enable people of NSW to manage workers compensation, construction and other types of government-funded insurance

Diary to data

Diving into the time and attention spent on community engagements, to advise on a more affective strategy for the Governor of NSW

Business Agility
Conference Australia

Live scribing sketch notes for keynote presentations over the course of 2 days, capturing insights and stories shared in the talks

Matters of time

Reflecting on the subjective experience of time with a photo essay about our preoccupations in the acts of waiting or passing by

Rhapsody on a Windy Night

Exploring ways of using digital to create new ways to experience and interact with poetry


Branding a concept-driven dining experience that mixes Eastern and Western influences to create exciting surprises on the pallete

What do I know?

Visual mapping of design processes, practices and issues as I understood it in the second year of my bachelor’s degree